Sean Conejos. Senior Copywriter.


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U by Moen Shower Launch Video

U by Moen Shower :30 Spot (Havas)
Buy it for quick disposals

Moen Garbage Disposals :30 Spot (Havas)
Citi Double
                        Cash: It Means What It Says
Direct Mail & Digital (Havas)
Citi / AAdvantage 			Cards: The New American Passport Campaign
Direct Mail & Landing Pages (Havas)
Citi Retail: Drive Period 3
Retail Exterior & Interior Signage (Havas)
Hollywood Casino 2014 Brand TV

Brand TV (RPM Advertising)
See You at VQ Campaign
TV & Direct Mail (RPM Advertising)
Fields Chrysler
                        Jeep Dodge Ram: Whaddap Dog? TV Spot

TV (RPM Advertising)
                        Shoes: Give the Gift of Shoes Movement

Integrated Campaign Demo Video (Student Work)